The Musicians

A Star Studded Line up

Besides all of the surprising Old Orindans you might see we have an entertainment line-up for the ages.
Kicking things off right in front of the old Orinda School for about an hour will be The Rockaholics

The Rockaholics

Drums:  Tom Appelbaum M70
Keyboards: Jody Kelly  M70
Bass: Ray Bini M 71
Guitar: Ken Lawver M70
Guitar: Chris Lucas M70
Vocals: Dave Maurer M70 
Drums too: Alan Thiele M70 
Guitar: Bill Garvin C70

Noodling around in the Library Plaza from 7PM till The End will be:

John R. Burr (M74) is that rare pianist who combines jazz technique with a genuine love for folk music.
Years of touring and recording sessions with such artists as Maria Muldaur, The Alison Brown Quartet,
Paul McCandless, Michael Manring, and Kathy Kallick, are a testament of his talent.

John R. Burr 

Mark Holzinger (M73), an extraordinary guitarist inducted into the Western Swing Hall of Fame in 2016.
A cross section of the artists he has played with include Big Joe Turner, Marvin Gaye, Ricki Lee Jones, 
Charlie Hunter, and Mark Isham.

Mark Holzinger 

Rocking the dancers at the Sock Hop in the Auditorium from 7 to 9

will be  The Harmony Buddies
Steve Spragens C69
Alan Macomber  C69
And Contra Costa All Star Rock and Roller
Ken Cooper

We’d say “Dance Till You Drop” but we’re getting kind of old for that to even be funny.

But, we’ll be there with bells on.

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