AOR Videos

This video is from the first All Orinda Reunion (AOR) in 1990. It was the brainchild of Jim Benney (M67) who had the vision of creating a reunion for people who attended Miramonte High School and Campolindo High School from the graduating classes between 1959 and 1975. It was an ambitious endeavor that required the help of many volunteers, including these videos capturing moments of this event by Ellen Rasmussen (M65) and her team.

PART 1: 00:00 (Rheem Theater – Friday Night – Late Sixties Miramonte)

PART 2: 34:44 (Rheem Theater – Saturday Night – Late Sixties Campolindo)

PART 3: 43:55  (Wildwood Acres Resort – Saturday Night – Early Sixties Miramonte)

PART 4: 1:15:19 (Orinda Community Center – Sunday picnic – Everyone, Parents & Kids)

Cartoon characters by Cris Hammond (M66)

Watch video of John R. Burr’s piano performance of Blackened Bird at the 2021 Virtual Zoom Reunion